Friday, March 12, 2010

Multiple auto insurance quotes

Wow, the online Auto Insurance Quotes seem to be getting crowded with more and more websites offering Free Auto Insurance Quotes, the latest one being which return Multiple Auto Quotes.

However, before you opt for multiple auto insurance quotes, you should perhaps read what are the possible effects of multiple quotes on your credit. It seemed many insurace companies carry out an Insurance Score which will be derived from multiple factors including your credit score and which will determine the insurance premiums that you will be quoted for.

One thing to keep in mind whether to accept or decline an insurance score is that it is highly probable that in you decline, you will be quoted based on the worst tier, that is, the most expensive. So perhaps even if your credit score is bad, it may still pay to accept an insurance score.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Car insurance glossary, providers and rates

The majority of the general public, while facing the fact that insurance, whether life, car, house or others, mostly do not have a good grasp of various insurance terms which may make things difficult for them when the need to purchase insurance arises. In the case of car owners, car insurance is compulsory in order to put a car on public roads and highways.

This website Car Insurance Rates have put up a car insurance glossary to help car insurance understand various words and phrases related to car insurance plus terms like "Act of God" applicable to insurance in general. It is good for everyone to acquaint themselves with the glossary.

Not only that, it also have a page Vehicles types - how they impact insurance depending on whether it is a new or used car or classic car, a truck or even a SUV (Sport Utility Vehicle).

There is also a page on insurance agents and brokers which explain the significance of using insurance agents and brokers for your insurance needs.