Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Motor vehicle liability insurance

Look at these videos of horrific accidents that can cause lots of property damages, terrible injuries and even deaths:

The car driver attention was diverted by texting with her mobile phone and the result was a horrific accident causing very serious injuries.

This video is even more horrendous. It showed show an inattentive truck driver running over a motorcyclist and you can bet that someone will sue for negligence.

It is important for every vehicle owner to have motor vehicle liability insurance to meet such eventualities. It will also pay to be well versed with motor vehicle insurance basic information and compare car insurance rates before you purchase any insurance.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

eCommerce for insurance

Remember the dotcom bust? Everybody scrambling unto the dotcom bandwagon and many got burnt. Does that mean businesses including insurance companies should avoid the Internet? Definitely not. Many dotcom companies went bust not because the Internet is not a suitable conduit for doing business and disseminating information, but because they pumped in money into the wrong business model and dotcom companies without taking into consideration returns from the huge amount of money pumped in. Those dotcom companies that survived the dotcom bust are doing extremely now, and there is room for more.

The Internet is now being used to promote business and to sell all kinds of products and insurance is no exception. The Internet can be used to provide information on insurance products, give instant quotes, even actually sells insurance products online.

However, to be successful, one needs a website that not only provide timely information plus channels for visitors to order or pay for the insurance products they want, the website must be well designed. Towards this end, one should look for professional web design company that can create a well designed and professional website.

Those insurance companies aspiring to do eCommerce on the Internet would also do well to examine eCommerce case study so as to enable benchmarking as well as developing online strategy

Monday, June 15, 2009

Car insurance 101

If you own a car, car insurance is absolutely essential. It is required by law because the government wants to ensure that if you caused an accident with resulting property damage, injuries or even death, you (actually your insurance company) are able to pay compensation. Even if it is not compulsory to have at the minimum third party car insurance, it would be wise to get insurance cover for your car as you would not want to be burdened by huge claims.

However, for some classes of motorists, there is some problem. One of them are young students with limited driving insurance. Because of higher risks, the premium young students have to pay for the car insurance is higher. If you are in this class, do check out Car Insurance for Student Drivers.

Another point of interest for motorists is No Fault Car Insurance. A car accident will involve at least 2 motorists each with different insurance policy. To determine which insurance company pays for damages and compensation, a long tedious attempt to determined which party is at fault. There may also be very expensive law suits which only benefits the lawyers. No fault car insurance means irrespective of which party is at fault, each insurance company will pay for their own insured. This system of no fault car insurance policy makes life much easier for all party.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Types of Motor Insurance

There are many types of insurance ranging from Life Insurance to General Insurance. Automobile Insurance falls into General Insurance and is one insurance policy that you cannot do without if you own a car. A motor insurance is compulsory to enable you to get the right (in our country that is the road tax) to drive your vehicle on public roads.

Since motor insurance is compulsory, it is good if you acquaint yourself with the types of affordable motor insurance and the kinds of risks covered. Among the risks covered by motor insurance policy is liability insurance which covers injuries and damages to third parties. This is the very minimal requirement to enable you to drive your vehicle on public road as the authorities want to ensure that should an accident happens you will be able to pay for injuries and damages to third parties. Other types of risks include collision coverage, comprehensive coverage, theft coverage and no fault policies.

One sticky area is motor insurance for students and other young drivers. Since students and young drivers have limited driving insurance, getting affordable motor insurance may present a problem so doing your research and "window shopping" will be a good idea.

Another area of motor insurance you should get familiar with is the fault versus no fault car insurance. Motorists will only be able to hold no fault motor insurance in Florida, Hawaii, Kansas, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, North Dakota, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Washington D.C.

When choosing and purchasing vehicle insurance, obviously one would want to be able to converse intelligently and towards this end, do get familiar with the many motor insurance terms and phrases.