Tuesday, August 18, 2009

eCommerce for insurance

Remember the dotcom bust? Everybody scrambling unto the dotcom bandwagon and many got burnt. Does that mean businesses including insurance companies should avoid the Internet? Definitely not. Many dotcom companies went bust not because the Internet is not a suitable conduit for doing business and disseminating information, but because they pumped in money into the wrong business model and dotcom companies without taking into consideration returns from the huge amount of money pumped in. Those dotcom companies that survived the dotcom bust are doing extremely now, and there is room for more.

The Internet is now being used to promote business and to sell all kinds of products and insurance is no exception. The Internet can be used to provide information on insurance products, give instant quotes, even actually sells insurance products online.

However, to be successful, one needs a website that not only provide timely information plus channels for visitors to order or pay for the insurance products they want, the website must be well designed. Towards this end, one should look for professional web design company that can create a well designed and professional website.

Those insurance companies aspiring to do eCommerce on the Internet would also do well to examine eCommerce case study so as to enable benchmarking as well as developing online strategy

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