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What Type of Travel Insurance Fits You Best?

What Type of Travel Insurance Fits You Best? by SHALDON PARKER

Before leaving for a trip many individuals will take great care in planning all aspects of their vacation. They will often carefully research their travel options and choose everything to make sure it fits within a scheduled itinerary so that nothing is missed.

However, there are certain unexpected events that can happen on any trip which cannot be planned for. Unexpectedly your vacation may be ruined by severe illness, accidents, robbery, natural disaster or any other number of events. However, if you purchase travel insurance before leaving you will be able to deal with these situations without losing a lot of the money you invested in your trip. Consider the types of travel insurance available to you carefully so that you can get adequate coverage without having to pay for something you won’t need.

Single Trip

This form of travel insurance is ideal for those who don’t travel frequently since it provides coverage only for a specific trip. However, there are still many other policies available for those who don’t fit into this category. If you don’t need single trip coverage then your decision for travel insurance coverage can become a lot more difficult with the options you have to choose from.


The most convenient and cost effective option for those who take more than one trip each year is annual or multi-trip travel insurance. You should read the policy carefully when purchasing this type of travel insurance as some of these policies may have limitations on the trip length such as excluding trips over thirty days. There are some policies that may also exclude holiday travel. It is always important to read the fine print before purchasing any insurance policy.


Family travel insurance is good for those who are traveling with kids or their parents. The benefits of this policy are that you don’t have to buy separate travel insurance policies for each member of the family since everyone is covered as whole. There are different premiums depending on the family travel insurance policy you are choosing. Some companies vary premiums based on the number of children covered on the policy, while other charge flat rates.

Business Traveler

Another travel insurance policy that assumes you travel several times a year is business travel insurance policies. The typical business traveler should choose this policy option. One feature of this policy that isn’t found in other insurance policies is the fact that should you have an emergency that prevents you from taking the trip; the company can replace you with another employee under the colleague replacement coverage.

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